My story

My story

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Talking to myself was originally just a blog made by a crafting girl, and the jewelry and other arts were just a way to escape in to my happy-place so to say, a dear hobby, in a stressfull and hectic world. 

Jewelry-making ended up conquering all of my free time and now it is my own little business and my way to make a living. 

I started crafting around 2006-2007 after getting inspired from other crafters I found on the internet. First I started to make them just for my own enjoyment, and put them online to share them with people and to get critique and comments, in places like Deviantart etc. But at some point my friends started to tell me to go sell them in conventions etc. After gathering my courage  I ended up in Helsinkis Tsukicon in 2010 with my own little table, and it pretty much sweapt me away! I found my world so to say, and since then I've been touring all kinds of conventions and fairs selling my jewelry and meeting new people. At the same time learning more and making new things. 


In January 2016 I was finally able to start the business and devote all of my time to it. Being a business-owner is something completely new and exiting, but thankfully I have a wonderful family and friends supporting me through the tough times. 

My jewelry is mainly made out of fimo, which is a polymerclay. It is handled like clay and then hardened in the oven. When it hardens, it becomes strong and durable, but is much lighter than normal clay. Which is why it is so popular with crafters and specially jewelry-makers. 
I also use resin and silicone. 

I aim to make quality products that last a long time, and are also of course nice to look at! I love all kinds of alternative fashions like japanese street-styles, which are the main inspiration for my jewelry. 


I don't want to limit myself with jewelry-making and in life itself, and thats why you're going to find things suited for many different styles.

So without further ado; Welcome to my little store! ^___^  

Feel free to contact me if you have other questions, that you don't find the aswers for here.

- Milla 

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