Jewelry info

Jewelry info

All jewelry is handmade by me, unless mentioned otherwise. I make every piece with love and care as best to my abilities. I put in a lot of effort to quality and make sure they last a long time. 

I recommend that parents use discretion when planning on giving jewelry to small children. Even tho the jewelry is made to last, they are still not toys, and not meant for children to play with. If you feel that your child is mature enough to have regular jewelry, it should be safe to also give them my jewelry :) 

Apart from their appearance nothing in this store is edible/drinkable and are no suited to go in to anyones mouth! 

My main material is fimo, a polymerclay that is hardened in the oven. It is lighter than normal clay, but more durable and for that reason is perfect for jewelry and other things that I make. 

With the glass-bottle pendants I use resin, plastic. Its much safer option than using just colored water inside the bottles. If the bottle brakes for some reason, the resin holds it together, when with water the water it self would splash every where and the glass would shatter into small pieces. 
With the bottles I recommend to avoid fast and intense changes with temperature. I do not recommend taking them to very cold temperatures. When well kept, the bottle-jewelry will last a long time just like everything else. 

With the antler/horn-headbands, the antlers are handmade from fimo, and well secured on to the metal-band. The metal-base is sturdy and easily bent to make it more loose or tighter to fit your head. It will not brake like cheap plastic-bands. Handmade antler-headbands will last so much longer with active use than non-handmade ones. If they do not experience any violence, they will last you forever! :D They are worth the invesment.

The decoration in my phonecases are attached to silicone, and will not fall off even in heavier use. If the cover starts to collect dirt, while coming in contact with everything our hands touch, they can be gently washed with water and dried with a paper-towel. The best way to get dust off is with the sticky side of scotch-tape. If the silicone comes in contact with perfumes or hairspray or other chemicals, it might yellow a little. So by handling them right, you can make a difference in how long they stay clean and new :) 

How do I make my jewelry, where do I order my materials, do I teach my techniques???
I am a self-taught jewelrymaker, and this business is my way of trying to make a living, so that means that I don't give out tips or tricks, I don't teach my techniques or give out any other information other from what you have read here. You are free to browse the internet for tutorials, just like I did when I started. Crafting stores also give out a lot of info. But inspite of all that, I do thank you for your interest towards my work! ^--^  Happy crafting! 


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